I am very glad to get a few minutes again and write little, share with you my news.
I am now in a state where all kinds of my creative activities are involved. Here is the creation of video films and the script for a future film, and the editing of an already created film and coordination, and planning the next step in community service and new acquaintances, and preparing for voting for an Oscar 2023 and….hmm…. There will be heavy snow tomorrow, another one in March.How much more?
That’s all?
No, I still regularly do household chores, from which no woman will run away.
And I’m getting ready for a big concert, which will be at the end of May. That’s all for now. Secret. I’ll tell you the rest as the month approaches.
But for now the main thing for you.

The last work, which has already been sent to the competition, SHEVCHENKO UNITES NATIONS ,,.
Today, March 9, is the birthday that every Ukrainian knows. This is the birthday of Taras Grigoryevich Shevchenko.
An outstanding poet, writer, bart and artist. His name has remained in the culture of Ukraine as one of the most prominent cultural figures, whose works give us strength and teach entire generations of Ukrainians.
Today he is known and respected not only in Ukraine, he is taught, his works are read by all the people of the planet.
For you, the performance of Mominul Hoque, the Ukrainian Cossack Sirius from Cherkasy.