Happy New Year

I’m glad to announce that the site was updated after the site crashed and I can again publish my news and talk about my work.

If before the crash of the site I wanted to inform you about some of my news, then you gave me so much power that I’ll just bombard you with news .

And thank you for learning how to kill information on my site. Don’t think that training only teaches you. Here such strength grows from such problems, you only make us professionals and experienced erudite specialists.

I won’t write where it came from, I already know that. By the way, here’s another interesting example for today. It turns out that flash drives created in China also have an expiration date. And there are specialists who can restore them.

If such an attack had not happened and the virus had not touched the flash drive with very important information, then I would not have become so experienced. It turns out that there are now viruses that know the drivers of flash drives created in China. Especially… hmm… old ones.

And if working for them, downloading a picture from the Internet, for example, a virus gets in, it attacks the flash drive driver and the flash drive stops working. The flash drive, not the documents. The documents remain intact.

And the hackers have data about the flash drives. For example, Lexor as in the photo.

Photo where I show you my lasy work ,,Funny city” ?more you can find on fb:Helenpolishuk.com when I spaek with lot of bots))

In order to open a flash drive and leave the information on it intact, you need to change the driver of the flash drive, and for this you need to know the old driver. This information is not publicly available. So, be careful, my dears, and if you are working on some kind of document before you have completed the work, do not transfer the data to the archive disk, otherwise it will be an ass. Happy New Year everyone! Happy Chinese New Year! Fantasize, create problems. How can we live without them?