I am pleased to announce that last week the opening of an exhibition January 18,2024 in Toronto was a success, where two of my works in the Petrykivka style were presented among the works. The exhibition was organized by Art Etobicoke, together with QuardReal and Art Council Toronto. The exhibition shows the winners of the competition, immigrants from Europe, and is called ROOTS. A lot of information about the exhibition, which will take place for a month(up to February 22,2024), is published on the city’s websites. I would like to say that the atmosphere of the exhibition was wonderful and meeting with creative people is always a great success:LORETTA FAVERI,CHRISTINA YARMOL,ALEXANDRA IORGU,FRANCESCO BORI,DARIA BEER,VLADIMIR TOPAL,DANA SEWELL,SZENDE TUNDERLIGETI and me,HELEN POLISHUK.

Two of my works were selected from Petrykivka, which I exhibited for the first time for a Canadian audience.

This painting for sale

Petrykivka,winner jury competition

It so happened that upon arrival in Canada, I again began to draw and create my own paintings. I painted to order, signed up for competitions, paid for them and received adrenaline, supported and I went to exhibitions of other artists and realized that I was drawn inside to painting flowers in tradition ukrainian style, from which my artistic creativity began. So I returned to painting Petrykivka. The first paintings were made with oil paint, this had difficulties, since in winter they did not dry well. But I continued to create and collected separately, as a collection. So, depending on the year, sometimes 4, and sometimes 10 Petrykivka came out a year.

Not a single one of the paintings I created repeated the second. And the society of Ukrainian artists, the creators of Petrykivka, inspired me .I even took a course from them then and practiced with an outstanding artist, Galuna Nazarenko, to whom I am very grateful for her mentorship. I was so captivated by this skill that I continued to create it, despite other competitions. And I did it without much advertising. So Somewhere in 2020, I already collected about 50 works and I opened my website on Facebook,

which was called CanadaPetrykivka. (This is my answer to some why I put such a hashtag). Last year, in 2023 ,I decided to exhibit my works at the ROOTS competition, I sent 5 arts and 2 won and are presented in the gallery QUARDREAL at Cloverdale Mall, Etobicoke. This kind of interesting news happens to people who create a lot and love creativity very much.Today both works are presented for viewing and for sale.

I continue to work and, already inspired by the opening of the exhibition and meeting creative people like me, a new work has already been created, which I will undoubtedly publish in the next post.
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