Mimmis Adventures Interview


First of all we would like you to introduce yourself so that we can introduce you to our audience. Who are you? How long have you been making films?

Over 15 years in film production, last 4 years filmmaking, scriptwriting and producing

And now we talk about your project Mimmis Adventures. What the audience will find?

I wanted to create a film through the eyes of a small clumsy dog. Exactly a comedy , becouse to show the world  how it seen  dog, animal perception of the surroundings of the city and nature.

Mimmi is 1.5 kg mini chihwahwa  and absolutely not trained for filming. I had to adapt to him. He is afraid of street filming and therefore trembling ears are often visible.
IBy shooting in different locations, the film turned out to be rich and  I have reached my goal to show the beauty of nature.

A special place is given to Mimmi in nature, where he smells flowers and grass, where bees fly and the sun shines.

Were you inspired by any other movie to make Mimmis Adventures?

Absolutely my idea.
If you see this little mischievous dog, the first thing you will do is smile.
That’s why when he appeared, I created the film with a smile.
And this is just the beginning. There is already a continuation. Not yet mounted ,videos already in the files. I would like to complicate the topic and add more adventures.

Mimmi -best actor

And now we would like to know about your cinematographic preferences:

I came to the cinema already as an artist, therefore the image is important for me. I constantly fill my eye by creating video filming.
I like editing shots to create the images you see onscreen,  creates shot lists, floor plans, and lighting diagrams

I study  techniques and try different cameras, study cinematic elements such as lenses, filters, lights, and other camera/lighting requirements.

I have my own three cameras and they are different. I continue to draw

What does cinema mean to you?

This is my life. I came to the cinema in love with work and gradually improved. Now a lot is behind me and I understand. It’s difficult to achieve everything at once.

Apparently I am one of the difficult creators. Shooting a couple of scenes, dialogues, saturating them with special effects is too easy for me. Creating a very vivid script and implementing it in a film is my goal before starting a film.

Therefore, science fiction  and horror remains one of the main  genres for me because it is necessary to realize the meaning of the script in the frame

Which movie is the best for you?

Metropolis by Fritz Lang  and now DUNE by Denis Villeneuve .

I think it’s the best movie in recent years.

What do you think a movie must have as an essential ingredient?

The main thing is an excellent SCRIPT.

Thoughtful, calculated and laid back a little to remove the excess.

Your favorite actor or actress?

The most difficult question of all.

I will try to answer. I am a technician. I approach the work technically.
It’s hard for me to name someone I love more than another.
When I watch films, and I do it almost regularly, I see the performance of actors and somewhere better, somewhere weaker. But there are no privileges and preferences.

After all, I am a small segment of a large machine. Success with us is not always possible to predict.
And you will agree that in some genre some actors are more successful, while in others they lose.

By the way, I run Instagram (@astra_production) where I share my opinion about the movie I watched and even try to determine  during past years who will win the Oscar. There is a Sunday contest for knowing the name of the movie. I share videos where I show bts of movies.

What qualities do you see in that actor/actress to have such consideration. What do you like most about them?

I am very picky about projects.
On the site, sometimes you have to adapt. I will give an example.
In one films, the main actress was a lthree-year-old girl. Her parents forbade her to use a mobile phone.
Her shooting lasted a long time, she kept the text, was calm and easily recorded, but there was no fire, no spark was felt. I came up with a scene that she was holding a mobile phone and photographing a drawing that she sent to her grandmother.
The girl immediately came to life, I told how to use a mobile phone. In the frame, she herself took a picture. How much joy she had and this is the first time in her life.
This happens.

A good movie has to…

Everything worked out perfectly – make-up, lighting, screenwriter, director, cameraman and producer with advertising.

What genre of cinema do you prefer?

Ski fi/triller/adventures/historical/horror/action

How do you define yourself professionally?

I love my job and am always learning and trying new things.

What movie have you seen most often?

Only one?  The last script I did was  a historical triller. At the end the producer decided that it was necessary to add a spy movie and I had to watch a lot of spy movies to put together an image.
I can’t remember any one that I look at more than others.

What topics are the most inspiring for you?

My last work is historical triller

What helps you to be more creative? Do you have a writing routine?

Yes, I like to stop myself and somewhere in the notes to write down some statements, thoughts, or if something has affected me in the news, then study it in detail.

When you write a script, are you clear about how it will end or are you building it?

Short films  are based on ideas and are easy to anticipate without construction.
But with the film 130 minutes +   you have to build. After all, there is a line of a hero or several, plus climaxes and denouement. And this must be built

Thank you for the interview. It is very full and interesting.Thank you very much for your attention and see you again.
I want to note that for me the theme of nature is very relevant and free time, time of relaxation and rest, I actively devote to going out into nature, traveling,hiking.

This interview was given for the Spanish festival Into the wild Film Festival Castelló d’empúries, Girona 17486
april 7,2022