“Love and Betrayal”

The author of this poem sent it to me by mail. I agreed with the author that our Canadian actor from Kyiv, Oksana Smilska, can read it best of all.

Oksana created an audio track. And the poem was lying on my table, waiting for its time. And now, when its time came and I started editing the video, I just dropped my hands from the difficulties.

A special heartfelt poem, a very talented performance by the actress put me in a corner. I understood that she had to create a script. He and she. The conflict is when She realizes that he has betrayed, that he is lying and will continue to betray and forgives him. But here, attention forgives, but does not agree with him, but tells him that your humiliation of me is wrong, I am fit to be loved and I will find myself a loved one. And in this sense, in this scenario, I created this mini-film. It is to show that in no case should you humiliate yourself and give in, but you need to free yourself and find someone who loves you.

It is very important to convey this to young people who do not know how to deal with conflicts. The fact is that a few years ago I studied this topic by writing one of my first scripts, and then, unfortunately, I found a lot of psychological training about what is possible and what is not. What is bad and what is good. But these trainings do not go beyond these terms. There are many films, serials, they end in a crisis. So, He tormented Her and either they broke up, or He left. No. Most often He tormented, tormented and will continue to torment. And the healing or the way out is not to call yourself a victim, but to decide for yourself what is important in order to become happy. With such thoughts, I sat down to create this mini film and this video appeared. It is difficult, but it is. I will review the year. I always do this, the video will lie down and I will open it in time, I will look with a new fresh look. And today I am publishing it for you. Undoubtedly, a very good poem and work by Oksana Smilska.

Further will be.

Stay with me.